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Datsubou (脱帽 – Taking One’s Hat Off)

  • Datsubou


    There is a Japanese term: 脱帽 (datsubou).

    脱 (datsu) means “to take off” and 帽 (bou) means “hat,” so the literal meaning of the combination is “to take one’s hat off.”
    「脱」は “to take off,” 「帽」は “hat” を意味するので、「脱帽」の文字通りの意味は “to take one’s hat” となります。

    Interestingly, the Japanese term “datsubou” and its literal English translation “to take one’s hat off” have almost the same meaning.
    面白いことに、日本語の「脱帽」と、その直訳である英語の “to take one’s hat” は、ほとんど同じ意味を持ちます。

    That is to say, “datsubou” means to be impressive by someone or admire someone for an achievement.

    Also, “datsubou” can mean a feeling of giving up in addition to the above meanings.

    Normally, this term is used like 脱帽する (datsubou suru) by adding する (suru), which can convert a noun into a verb.

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