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Naisho (内緒 – Secret)

  • Naisho


    The English word “secret” is usually translated into Japanese as “himitsu” (秘密), but it’s can also translated as “naisho” (内緒).
    英語の “secret” は、日本語でよく「秘密」と訳されますが、「内緒」と訳すこともできます。

    “Naisho” is more colloquial and casual than “himitsu.”

    This word comes from a Buddhism term, “naishō” (内証), and it’s a Chinese translation of a Sanskrit word, which means to tell the truth in your own mind.

    Later, “naishō” came to mean “a secret that can’t be known from the outside,” then it changed to “naisho.”

    Incidentally, in the series of the Legend of Zelda, if you find a secret room and talk to a non-player character there, he said “minna ni naisho dayo” (ミンナニ ナイショダヨ – This is a secret between us) and give you a lot of Rupees (money).
    ちなみに、ゼルダの伝説シリーズにおいて、秘密の部屋でNPCに話しかけると、「ミンナニ(ハ) ナイショダヨ」と言ってルピーをくれます。

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