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Yamiochi (闇落ち – Falling to the Dark Side)

  • Yami-ochi


    Do you like situations where a right-minded character falls to the villain’s side in anime, manga, and video games?

    Such a situation can be described by the slang term, yami-ochi (闇堕ち/闇落ち) in Japanese.

    Since yami (闇) means “dark,” and ochi (堕ち/落ち) means “fall,” the literal meaning of yami-ochi is “falling to the dark.”
    「闇」は “dark”、「堕ち/落ち」は “fall” を意味するので、「闇堕ち」の文字どおりの意味は “falling to the dark” となります。

    It is almost the same as the English phrase, “falling to the dark side.”
    英語の “falling to the dark side” とほとんど同じですね。

    Incidentally, in the real world, the term yami-ochi is sometimes used to describe people whose negative emotions are extremely magnified.

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