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Negatte mo Nai (願ってもない – Heaven-sent)

  • Negatte mo Nai


    There are various phrases to express happiness. When you want to express sincere happiness, you can use the phrase negatte mo nai (願ってもない).

    Since negatte/negau (願って/願う) means “wish,” and nai (ない) is a negative suffix, the literal meaning of negatte mo nai is “I do not wish that.”
    「願って/願う」は “wish”、「ない」は否定語であるため、「願ってもない」の文字どおりの意味は “I do not wish that” となります。

    For clarity, this phrase can be expanded as follows:

    “I have a sincere desire for something, but it is very difficult to realize, so I have never wished for it openly. However, I am very happy that it has fortunately come true this time.”

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