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Chan Chara Okashī (ちゃんちゃらおかしい – Fiddle-faddle)

  • Chan Chara Okashī


    To describe something too ridiculous, you can use the slang term chan chara okashī (ちゃんちゃらおかしい).

    Okashī (おかしい) means “ridiculous” or “funny,” and chan chara (ちゃんちゃら) emphasizes the following okashī.
    「おかしい」は “ridiculous/funny” を意味する言葉で、「ちゃんちゃら」は「おかしい」を強める働きを持ちます。

    The most accepted theory about the etymologies of chan chara is that it comes from chari (茶利), which means comical phrases and actions in kabuki or ningyo-joruri (traditional Japanese puppet theater).

    However, please note that chan chara okashī does not describe something comical or funny but is used to scoff at something ridiculous.

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