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Chakasu (茶化す – Making Fun of Someone/Something)

  • Chakasu


    The Japanese verb chakasu (茶化す) is used when making fun of someone or replying with a joke.

    Since cha (茶) means “tea,” and kasu (化す/かす) is a suffix creating a verb, the literal meaning of chakasu is “to make tea” or “to be tea.”
    「茶」は “tea”、「化す/かす」は動詞を作る接尾語であるため、「茶化す」の文字どおりの意味は “to make tea” や “to be tea” となります。

    There are several theories about the etymology of chakasu.

    One theory says that it comes from the fact that in former times in Japan, expensive green tea was served to cheat something.

    Another theory says that cha in chakasu comes from chari (茶利), which means comical phrases and actions in kabuki or ningyo-joruri (traditional Japanese puppet theater).

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