Tsuki (月 – Moon)

  • Tsuki

    I like to see tsuki (月).

    Tsuki (月) means “moon,” and there are several theories about its etymology.
    「月」は “moon” を意味する単語で、語源は諸説あります。

    One theory says that it comes from the term tsugi (次ぎ), which means “next,” because the moon is bright next to the sun.
    ある説では、月は太陽の次に明るく輝くことから “next” を意味する「次ぎ」に由来するとしています。

    Another theory says that it comes from tsuki/tsuki-ru (尽き/尽きる), which means “run out,” because the brightness of the moon runs out once a month.
    またある説では、月に一度その輝きが尽きることから、”run out” を意味する「尽き(る)」に由来するとしています。

    Incidentally, it was announced that the game “Moon” for PlayStation released in 1997 will be distributed on Switch next month, then it has become a hot topic in Japan.

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