Dobe and Biri

  • Dobe and Biri


    Yesterday, while playing Super Mario Party, I used the Japanese term ‘dobe‘ (ドベ), but its meaning didn’t be conveyed.

    According to the Internet, dobe is a dialect used in the area of western Japan, and instead ‘biri‘ (ビリ) is mainly used in the area of eastern Japan.

    Both dobe and biri are slang terms that have the same meaning, “bottom” or “last place.”

    The etymologies about these terms have not been clarified, but some people believe that biri comes from ‘shiri‘ (尻), which means “hip.”
    語源については不明ですが、「ビリ」は “hip” を意味する「尻」が変化したという説が有力です。

    In support of this theory, there is the fact that biri can imply “prostitute.”

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