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Internet Slang Terms for Expressing Laughing Part 2

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    Internet Slang Terms for Expressing Laughing Part 2

    笑いのインターネットスラング Part 2

    This entry is a continuation of yesterday’s post.

    The internet slang 「(笑)」, which express laughing, has undergone several changes.

    For example, some people use 「w」 or 「草」 instead of 「(笑)」.

    「w」 is short for warai/wara, which is the reading of 「笑」, and both have the same meaning.
    「w」は、「笑」のローマ字表記 (warai/wara) を簡略化した表現で、「(笑)」と同じ意味を持ちます。

    If you want to express a loud laugh, you can use 「w」 repeatedly, just like 「wwww」.

    Furthermore, since 「wwww」 looks like grass, some people came to use 「草」(which means “glass” and is read as kusa) to mean laughing.

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