Internet Slang Terms for Expressing Laughing Part 1

  • Internet Slang Terms for Expressing Laughing Part 1

    笑いのインターネットスラング Part 1

    On the internet, there are various slang terms that express laughing.

    “Haha” and “lol (laugh out loud)” are often used in English, whereas 「(笑)」「w」, and「草」 are used in Japan.
    英語には “haha” や “lol (laugh out loud)” がありますが、日本語では「(笑)」や「w」「草」などになります。

    「(笑)」 has been the most commonly used to express laughing on the internet, and the kanji 笑 (read as warai/wara) literally means “laugh.”
    「(笑)」はネット上でもっともよく使われてきた笑いの表現で、文字どおり “laughing” を意味します。

    I enclosed 笑 in parentheses in the above, but you can also write just 笑 without parentheses.

    Note that it is not good to use 笑 (without parentheses) next to other kanji characters, because it is not easy to read and understand.

    To be continued.

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