Rōnyaku Nan-nyo (老若男女 – “Men and Women of All Ages”)

  • Rōnyaku Nan-nyo


    The four-character idiom rōnyaku nan-nyo (老若男女) refers to men and women of all ages.

    (老) means “old,” nyaku (若) means “young,” nan (男) means “men” and nyo (女) means “women.”
    「老」は “old”、「若」は “young”、「男」は “men”、「女」は “women” を意味します。

    That is to say, rōnakyu nan-nyo literally means, everyone, young and old, men and women.

    The idiom 男女 (meaning “men and women”) is read as danjo, but its reading becomes nan-nyo only in this four-character idiom.

    Actually, I do not like this idiom very much, because I cannot speak it smoothly — I will say rōnaku nyan-no with a high probability.

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