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Gyokuseki Konkō (玉石混淆 – Mixture of Wheat and Chaff)

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    Gyokuseki Konkō


    A state that superior things and inferior things are mixed is described as gyokuseki konkō (玉石混淆).

    Gyoku (玉) means “jewel” or “genuine one,” and seki (石) means “stone” or “fake.”

    In addition, konkō (混淆/混交) means that different things are mixed.

    That is to say, gyokuseki konkō literally means a state that “genuine and fake things,” “superior and inferior things,” or “worth and worthless things” are mixed.

    This four-character idiom comes from the Chinese book “Baopuzi,” which was written by Ge Hong in around 300 AD.

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