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Nekomatagi (ねこまたぎ – Bad Fish/Fish Bone)

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    Today, I learned the Japanese expression, nekomatagi (ねこまたぎ).

    Since neko (ねこ/猫) means “cat” and matagi (またぎ) means “to step over,” the literal meaning of nekomatagi is “what a cat steps over.”
    「ねこ」は “cat”、「またぎ」は “to step over” を意味するので、「ねこまたぎ」の文字どおりの意味は “what a cat steps over” となります。

    This term seems to be used mainly in Hokkaido (northern Japan) and the Kansai region (western Japan), but the meanings are very different.

    In Hokkaido, it means fish that taste so bad that even cats pass by.

    In the Kansai region, it means fish that were eaten neatly leaving only bones — there is no part to eat even for cats.

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