Honenuki (骨抜き – Pulling Teeth)

  • Honenuki


    I have seen a person who has gone into a state called ‘honenuki’ (骨抜き).

    ‘Hone’ (骨) means “bone,” ‘nuki’ (抜き) means “to pull out,” and the combination has three major meanings.
    「骨」は “bone,” 「抜き」は “to pick up” を意味し、「骨抜き」という言葉には大きく三つの意味があります。

    One is to pull out/remove fish or chicken bones (or a tool for doing it) as this term itself means.

    In addition, since bones are very important for almost all living beings, it means to remove an important/key part from a plan or something.

    Furthermore, if you use this term to a person, it means that he/she loses their belief or backbone due to sexual factors and is madly in love with someone.

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