Butsubutsu Gawa (ぶつぶつ川)

  • Butsubutsu Gawa


    Japan has a law called ‘Kasen-hou’ (河川法 – literally “River Raw”), which designates important rivers in our lives.

    In other words, the designated rivers are official rivers in Japan.

    According to this law, there are 35,383 official rivers in Japan.

    Also, the shortest river among them is Butsubutsu Gawa (ぶつぶつ川 – literally “Butsubutsu River”) in Wakayama, and its total length is 13.5 m.
    そしてこの河川の中で最も短い川は、和歌山県にある「ぶつぶつ川」であり、その全長は13.5 mです。

    I heard that ‘butsubutsu’ (ぶつぶつ) comes from the onomatopoeia ‘futsufutsu’ (沸々), which means that something gushes.

    Incidentally, the longest river in Japan is Shinano Gawa (信濃川 – literally “Shinano River”), and its length is 357 km.
    ちなみに、日本で最も長い河川は「信濃川(千曲川)」で、全長は367 kmです。

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