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Midori no Kurokami (緑の黒髪 – Raven-Black Hair)

  • Midori no Kurokami


    A woman’s beautiful, lustrous black hair can sometimes be described as midori no kurokami (緑の黒髪).

    While midori (緑) usually means “green,” here it means “freshness” or “glossiness.”
    「緑」は “green” を意味することが多いですが、ここでは「みずみずしさ」や「つややかさ」を意味します。

    In the past, midori meant “new growth,” and from there, the above meanings were derived.

    In addition, kuro (黒) means “black,” and kami (髪) means “hair,” so midori no kurokami literally means “fresh, grassy, beautiful black hair.”
    また、「黒」は “black”、「髪」は “hair” を意味するので、「緑の黒髪」は文字どおり「みずみずしくてつややかな美しい黒髪」という意味になります。

    This expression is a compliment that implies youthfulness, but the nuance may not be conveyed to recent young women.

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