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Tsura no Kawa ga Atsui (面の皮が厚い – Having a Thick Skin)

  • Tsura no Kawa ga Atsui


    People who have no shame and are audacious are sometimes described as tsura no kawa ga atsui (面の皮が厚い) in Japanese.

    Since tsura (面) means “face,” kawa (皮) means “skin,” and atsui (厚い) means “thick,” the literal meaning of this phrase is “having thick skin on one’s face.”
    「面」は “face”、「皮」は “skin”、「厚い」は “thick” を意味するので、「面の皮が厚い」の文字どおりの意味は “having thick skin on one’s face” となります。

    Shameless and audacious people do not change their facial expressions even when they are criticized.

    In other words, if one has a thick-skinned face, their facial expressions become scarce, making them appear audacious and shameless.

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