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Yabuisha no Genkan (藪医者の玄関 – Deception)

  • Yabuisha no Genkan


    In yesterday’s post, I introduced the term yabuisha (藪医者), which means a “bad doctor.”

    There is an idiom, yabuisha no genkan (藪医者の玄関), which uses yabuisha.

    Since genkan (玄関) means “entrance,” the literal meaning of yabuisha no genkan is “bad doctor’s entrance.”
    「玄関」は “entrance” を意味するので、「藪医者の玄関」の文字どおりの意味は “bad doctor’s entrance” となります

    The worse a doctor is, the more he/she tries to make a splendid entrance to the hospitals to deceive their patients.

    For this reason, yabuisha no genkan came to be used as a metaphor for something that looks great but is shabby on the inside.

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