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Yabuisha (藪医者 – Bad Doctor)

  • Yabuisha


    A doctor who often makes mistakes in treatment or diagnosis is called yabuisha (藪医者) in Japanese.

    Since yabu (藪) means “shrub,” and isha (医者) means “doctor,” the literal meaning of yabuisha (藪医者) is a “shrub doctor.”
    「藪」は “shrub”、「医者」は “doctor” を意味するので、「藪医者」の文字どおりの意味は “shrub doctor” です。

    There are several theories about the etymology of yabuisha.

    A theory says that it came from the word yabu (野巫), which means a rural doctor who can perform only dubious treatment using divination. Another theory says that it came from the proverb yabu wo tsutsuite hebi wo dasu (藪をつついて蛇を出す – meaning “to do unnecessary things and make it worse”).

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