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Zu ga Takai (頭が高い – Haughty)

  • Zu ga Takai


    Yesterday, I introduced the Japanese phrase, “me ga takai” (目が高い), the literal meaning of which is “one’s eyes are high,” and it means that someone has the ability to choose superior things or people.

    There are another Japanese idiom, “zu ga takai” (頭が高い), the literal meaning of which is similar to “me ga takai.”

    The literal meaning of “zu ga takai” is “one’s head is high,” but the actual meaning is quite different from “me ga takai.”

    “Zu ga takai” means an attitude looking down someone or being rude.

    In Japan, there is a custom that people lower their heads to higher ranking people, and “zu ga takai” implies that he/she doesn’t lower his/her head.

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