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Shi ni Mono Gurui (死に物狂い – For Life)

  • Shi ni Mono Gurui


    When you work on something seriously so hard that you don’t even fear death, it can be described as shi ni mono gurui (死に物狂い) in Japanese.

    Shi (死) means “death,” mono (物) means “thing,” and gurui/kurui (狂い) means “crazy.”
    「死」は “death”、「物」は “thing”、「狂い」は “crazy” を意味します。

    This phrase was coined by adding the word shi to the idiom mono gurui (物狂い), which means to lose one’s mind over something.

    For example, you can say shi ni mono gurui de hataraita (死に物狂いで働いた – meaning “I worked for life.”)

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