【No. 0745】
Kōgan/Kōgan Muchi (厚顔/厚顔無恥 – Shameless Audacity)

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    Kōgan/Kōgan Muchi


    People who are shameless and audacious can be described with the term kōgan (厚顔).

    Since (厚) means “thick,” and gan (顔) means “face,” the literal meaning of kōgan is “thick face.”
    「厚」は “thick”、「顔」は “face” を意味するので、「厚顔」の文字どおりの意味は “thick face” となります。

    The etymology of this term is the same as that of tsura no kawa ga atsui (面の皮が厚い) in yesterday’s entry.

    You can also add muchi (無恥 – meaning “shameless”) to kōgan and say the four-character idiom, kōgan muchi (厚顔無恥 – meaning “shameless and audacious”).

    This four-character idiom came from the oldest Chinese poetry, Shikyō (詩経 – “Shijing,” also known as the “Classic of Poetry”).

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