Fugen Jikkō and Yūgen Jikkō (不言実行と有言実行 – Action before Words / Walking the Talk)

  • Fugen Jikkō and Yūgen Jikkō


    To do what you have to do without saying a word is described as a four-character idiom, fugen jikkō (不言実行).

    Since fu (不) is a negative prefix, gen (言) means “saying,” and jikkō means “doing,” fugen jikkō literally means “doing without saying.”
    「不」は否定語、「言」は “saying”、「実行」は “doing” を意味するので、「不言実行」は文字どおり “doing without saying” という意味になります。

    On the other hand, if you use a positive prefix (有) instead of fu and say yūgen jikkō (有言実行), it can means “walking the talk.”
    一方、「不」の代わりに肯定を意味する「有」を使うと、「有言実行」となり、”walking the talk” という意味になります。

    In the past, in Japan, fugen zikkō was considered good, but in recent years, yūgen zikkō tends to be considered better.

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