Wara ni mo Sugaru (わらにもすがる – Act of Desperation)

  • Wara ni mo Sugaru


    Have you ever relied on something useless when you were driven into a corner?

    Such a situation can be described as wara ni mo sugaru (わらにもすがる) in Japanese.

    Since wara (わら) means “straw” and sugaru (すがる) means “to rely on,” the literal meaning of wara ni mo sugaru is “to rely on even a straw.”
    「わら」は “straw”、「すがる」は “to rely on” を意味するので、「わらにもすがる」の文字どおりの意味は “to rely on even straw” です。

    This expression was coined from the fact that drowning people would clutch at a straw in front of them, even though such an act would be useless.

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