Batsu ga Warui (ばつが悪い – Awkward/Uncomfortable)

  • Batsu ga Warui


    I sometimes get into a state called batsu ga warui (ばつが悪い) in Japanese.

    Batsu ga warui is a phrase representing that one feels embarrassed and uncomfortable.

    Warui (悪い) means “bad,” but there are two acceptable etymologies for batsu (ばつ).
    「悪い」は “bad” を意味しますが、「ばつ」の語源は大きく2つの説があります。

    One theory says that batsu is short for batsugou (場都合), which means “situation/atmosphere,” and the other theory says that it is batsu (跋), which means a postscript of a book.

    The former theory implies a bad atmosphere, whereas the latter theory implies a bad consequence; both of which can lead to the meaning of batsu ga warui.

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