Boro ga Deru (ぼろが出る – Letting One’s Fault Reveal Unexpectedly)

  • Boro ga Deru


    Have you ever let your secret faults reveal unexpectedly?

    Such a situation can be described as ‘boro ga deru‘ (ぼろが出る) in Japanese.

    Boro‘ (ぼろ) means shabby clothes, and it comes from an onomatopoeia ‘boro boro‘ (ぼろぼろ), which describes that something is damaged.

    Since people do not want to show their shabby clothes, ‘boro’ can also mean “fault” or “mistake.”

    In addition, ‘deru‘ (出る) means “to come out.”
    また、「出る」は “come out” を意味します。

    That is to say, ‘boro ga deru’ means that “a fault comes out.”
    すなわち「ぼろが出る」とは、”a fault comes out” ということです。

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