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Udatsu ga Agaranai (うだつが上がらない – Never Get Ahead)

  • Udatsu ga Agaranai


    I will move to a different university in a few months, but my title will not change.

    When someone can’t get ahead or raise the status like this, you can express the situation using the phrase ‘udatsu ga agaranai‘ (うだつが上がらない – literally means “udatsu does not raise”).

    There are several theories about its etymology, but one of them is as follows:

    Udatsu‘ (うだつ) is a small pillar/decoration with a small roof placed on the roof of a traditional Japanese house, and people who lived in the house which was raising ‘udatsu’ on the roof was wealthy.

    Because of this, ‘udatsu ga agaranai’ came to mean that someone does not wealthy, then it came to have its current meaning.

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