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    Yesterday, a man who was driving a GT-R in Osaka was arrested for speeding.
    昨日、大阪で GT-R を運転していた男性がスピード違反で逮捕されました。

    Surprisingly, the speed of his car was about 280 km/h.
    驚くことに、速度が時速約 280 km/h 出ていたそうです。

    Since the speed limit at the road was 60 km/h, he exceeded the speed limit by about 220 km/h.
    制限速度は 60 km/h なので、約 220 km/h の速度超過ということになります。

    This is the highest speed among those who arrested for speeding in Japan, and the amount of speed that exceeded the speed limit may be the world record.

    Incidentally, the world record of the speeding offense is owned by Kazuhiko Nagata (known as “Smoky Nagata”) — he drove a GT-R at a British expressway at a speed of 317 km/h.
    ちなみに、スピード違反の世界記録は永田和彦(通称「スモーキー永田」)が持っており、イギリスの高速道路で 317 km/h を出したそうです。

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