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Obi ni Mijikashi Tasuki ni Nagashi (帯に短し襷に長し – Too Much for One and not Enough for One)

  • Obi ni Mijikashi Tasuki ni Nagashi


    There is the Japanese proverb ‘obi ni mijikasji tasuki ni nagashi,’ which represents things that are lukewarm and useless.

    Obi‘ (帯) means “belt” used in a kimono (着物 – traditional Japanese clothes), ‘mijikasi‘ (短し) means “short,” ‘tasuki‘ (襷) means “cord” used to tuck up the sleeves of a kimono, and ‘nagashi‘ (長し) means “long.”
    「帯」は “belt,” 「短し」は “short,” 「襷」は “cord,” 「長し」は “long” を意味します。

    This proverb refers to a fabric material.

    That is to say, it means that the fabric material has a lukewarm length — it is too short to use as obi, whereas it is too long to use as tasuki.

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