Yarukoto Nasukoto (やることなすこと – Everything One Does)

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    Yarukoto Nasukoto


    Yesterday, I used a Japanese expression, ‘yarukoto nasukoto‘ (やることなすこと).

    Yaru‘ (やる) means “do,” ‘koto‘ (こと) means “thing,” and ‘nasu’ (なす) means “do.”
    「やる」は “do,” 「こと」は “thing,” 「なす」は “do” を意味します。

    The literal meaning of this expression is “What someone does, what someone does.”
    この言葉の文字通りの意味は “What someone does, what someone does” となります。

    The actual meaning of that is “All things that someone does/All of someone’s attitude,” and it is often used in a negative context.

    For example, people say ‘yarukoto nasukoto umaku ikanai‘ (やることなすことうまくいかない – Everything goes wrong).

    On the other hand, it is sometimes used in a positive context, such as ‘yarukoto nasukoto kawaii‘ (やることなすことかわいい – Everything she/he does is cute).

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