Itaku mo Kayuku mo Nai (痛くも痒くもない – Not Caring at All)

  • Itaku mo Kayuku mo Nai


    When you do not feel a thing about someone’s action against you, you can express it as ‘itaku mo kayuku mo nai‘ (痛くも痒くもない).

    Itai‘ (痛い) means “painful,” ‘kayui‘ (痒い) means “itchy,” and ‘nai‘ (ない) is a negative term, so the literal meaning of ‘itaku mo kayuku mo nai’ is “it is neither painful nor itchy.”
    「痛い」は “to pain”、「痒い」は “to itch”、「ない」は否定語であるため、「痛くも痒くもない」の文字どおりの意味は “” となります。

    Of course, this phrase can be used for physical pain/itching, but it is often used when there is no mental influence.

    [Example] Kare ni waruguchi wo iwareta ga, itaku mo kayuku mo nai (彼に悪口を言われたが、痛くも痒くもない – “He said nasty things about me, but I do not care at all”).

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