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Kakigōri (かき氷 – Shaved Ice)

  • Kakigōri


    Have you ever eaten ‘kakigōri‘ (かき氷)?

    Kakigōri is a kind of frozen sweets made from finely shaved or crushed ice flavored with syrup, etc., and is one of the traditional Japanese features of summer.

    (Of course, many other countries also have similar traditions.)

    Gōri/kōri‘ (氷) means “ice,” but there are several theories about the etymology of ‘kaki‘ (かき).
    「氷」は “ice” を意味しますが、「かき」の由来には幾つかの説があります。

    One theory says that it comes from the fact that we used ‘kaketa kōri‘ (欠けた氷 – literally means “chipped ice”) to make ‘kakigōri’.

    In English, it is often translated as “shaved ice.”
    英語ではよく “shaved ice” と訳されます。

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