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Mizu no Awa (To End in Vain)

  • Today, I will talk about the Japanese idiom “mizu no awa.”


    “Mizu” means “water”, “awa” means “bubble,” and “mizu no awa” can express “bubbles that float on a surface of water” literally.

    However, in most cases, it is used when you express that your efforts or works end in vain.

    For example, when you say “my efforts become mizu no awa (bubbles on water),” it means that your efforts disappear like fleeting bubbles that float on water.

    Also, there is another expression “suiho ni kisu,” the literal meaning of which is “to return back to bubbles on water.”

    “Suiho ni kisu” has exactly the same meaning of “mizu no awa,” but I think it sounds smarter (this is my personal opinion).

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