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Ehoumaki (恵方巻 – Lucky Direction Roll)

  • Ehoumaki


    February 3rd is ‘setsubun‘ (節分).

    Setsubun is the day before the beginning of spring (February 4th), and various traditional events are held on this day.

    Among them, ‘ehoumaki‘ (恵方巻) is familiar to Japanese people.

    E‘ (恵) means “lucky,” ‘hou‘ (方) means “direction,” and ‘maki‘ (巻) means “roll.”
    「恵」は “lucky”、「方」は “direction”、「巻」は “roll” を意味します。

    Ehoumaki is a sushi roll which is considered to bring good luck by eating it silently while facing the direction ehou.

    I also ate ehoumaki today.

    However, in recent years, the massive disposal of unsold ehoumaki has been a problem.

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