Yuiitsu Muni (唯一無二 – One and Only)

  • Yuiitsu Muni


    If you want to express something that is only one thing in the world, you can use the four-character idiom ‘yuiitsu muni‘ (唯一無二).

    Yui‘ (唯) means “only,” ‘itsu/ichi‘ (一) means “one,” ‘mu‘ (無) means “nothing” or “no,” and ‘ni‘ (二) means “two.”
    「唯」は “only”、「一」は “one”、「無」は “nothing/no”、「二」は “two” を意味します。

    Therefore, ‘yuiitsu‘ (唯一) means “only one,” ‘muni‘ (無二) means “there are not two,” and the combination is “it is only one, there are no same things.”
    このため、「唯一」は “only one”、「無二」は “there are not two” という意味であり、「唯一無二」は “it is only one, there are no same things” となります。

    This idiom is often used when describing a very important thing.

    You can translate it into English as “one and only.”
    英語では “one and only” と表現することができます。

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