Makuhiki (幕引き – Closing a Curtain)

  • Makuhiki


    The academic conference in which I am participating is approaching ‘makuhiki‘ (幕引き).

    ‘Makihiki’ means that things or events end.

    Since ‘maku‘ (幕) means “curtain” and ‘hiki‘ (引き) means “to draw,” the literal meaning of the combination is “to draw a curtain” or “to lower a curtain.”
    「幕」は “curtain”、「引き」は “to draw” を意味するので、「幕引き」の文字どおりの意味は “to draw a curtain” や “to lower a curtain” となります。

    Originally, this term meant to lower the curtain of a play to end it, or a person who had a role of that.

    From that, its meaning was extended, and it has been used to not only plays but also various things or events.

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