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Owari no Nai no ga Owari (終わりのないのが終わり – Endless Cycle)

  • Owari no Nai no ga Owari


    Yesterday, I introduced the phrase owari no hajiamri (終わりの始まり), which literally means “the beginning of the end.”
    昨日は文字どおり “the beginning of the end” を意味する「終わりの始まり」という表現を紹介しました。

    However, sometimes, the end of things may not be seen clearly.

    In situations where something seems to continue forever without an end, you can use the phrase owari no nai no ga owari (終わりのないのが終わり).

    Since owari (終わり) means “end,” and nai (ない) means “no,” the literal meaning of owari no nai no ga owari is “the end has no end.”
    「終わり」は “end”、「ない」は “no” を意味するので、「終わりのないのが終わり」の文字どおりの意味は “the end has no end” となります。

    This phrase was used in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to explain the ability of Giorno Joabana’s Stand, Gold Experience Requiem.

    It is one of my favorite phrases from JoJo.

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