Kuchi ga Omoi (口が重い – Having Few Words)

  • Kuchi ga Omoi


    In my post yesterday, I introduced the idiom kuchi ga karui (口が軽い), which describes people who speak a lot and thoughtlessly.

    There is also the expression kuchi ga omoi (口が重い), which uses omoi (重い – meaning “heavy”) instead of karui (軽い – meaning “light”) in kuchi ga karui.

    Omoi is the antonym for karui, but kuchi ga omoi does not have the opposite meaning of kuchi ga karui, that is, “people who do not speak without thinking” or “people who can keep a secret.”

    Kuchi ga omoi just means “people who have few words.”

    To mean “people who can keep a secret,” you can say kuchi ga katai (口が堅い), by using the word katai (堅い – meaning “hard/firm”).
    「口が軽い」の反対の意味を表すには、”hard/firm” を意味する「堅い」を用いて、「口が堅い」とします。

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