Iku Dō-on (異口同音 – Unanimously)

  • Iku Dō-on


    The four-character idiom iku dō-on (異口同音) means that many people say the same thing or have the same opinion.

    i (異) means “difference,” ku/kuchi (口) means “mouth,” (同) means “same,” and on (音) means “sound.”
    「異」は “difference”、「口」は “mouth”、「同」は “same”、「音」は “sound” を意味します。

    That is to say, iku dō-on literally means that many different mouths emit the same sound.

    This idiom is usually used as an adverb with the case particle ni (に), such as iku dō-on ni (異口同音に).

    It can be translated into English as “unanimously” or “with one voice.”
    英語では “unanimously” や “with one voice” と訳されます。

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