Rōbashin (老婆心 – Excessive Kindness)

  • Rōbashin


    The feeling of worrying about someone or the desire to give someone a word of advice is referred to as rōbashin (老婆心) in Japanese.

    Since (老) means “old,” ba/baba (婆) means “old lady” or “grandmother,” and shin (心) means “heart,” the literal meaning of rōbashin is “an old lady’s heart.”
    「老」は “old”、「婆」は “old lady/grandmather”、「心」は “heart” を意味するので、「老婆心」の文字どおりの意味は “an old lady’s heart” となります。

    Elderly women have experienced a lot in life and tend to be concerned and worry about their children/grandchildren more than necessary, so such excessive kindness has come to be called rōbashin.

    It is often used as rōbashin nagara (老婆心ながら – meaning “though this may be meddlesome”) with the adversative conjunction nagara (ながら).

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