Nezumi Tori (ねずみ捕り – Speed Trap)

  • Nezumi Tori


    Today, I would like to introduce the term nezumi tori (ねずみ捕り).

    Since nezumi (ねずみ) means “rat/mouse” and tori (捕り) means “trap,” the literal meaning of nezumi tori is “rat trap.”
    「ねずみ」は “rat”、「捕り」は “trap” を意味するので、「ねずみ捕り」の文字どおりの意味は “rat trap” となります。

    In addition to its literal meaning, this term can also mean “police speed trap.”

    The police measure a vehicle’s speed and catch the speed violator on straight roads where speeding is common. Because the method of catching speeders in a speed trap is similar to catching rats with a rat trap, nezumi tori has come to refer to the above meaning.

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