Neko Bang Bang (猫バンバン – Knock Knock Cats)

  • Neko Bang Bang


    Have you ever heard of the term neko bang bang (猫バンバン)?

    Neko (猫) means “cat,” and bang bang (バンバン) is an onomatopoeic phrase representing the sound of banging or knocking on something.
    「猫」は “cat”、「バンバン」は何かを叩く擬音語を意味します。

    When it gets cold, cats sometimes enter the engine compartment of a stationary car in search of a narrow and warm place.

    Neko bang bang refers to the act of banging or knocking on the hood of a car to make such a cat go somewhere else. This term also refers to the effort to protect the lives of cats through such acts.

    Taking this precaution has been promoted by Nissan Motor, who also coined the term.

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