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Neko Manma (ねこまんま – Cat’s Meal)

  • Neko Manma


    When I was a poor student, I often ate neko manma (ねこまんま).

    Neko (ねこ) means “cat,” and manma (まんま) is a baby word that means “meal.”
    「ねこ」は “cat” を意味し、「まんま」は幼児語で “meal” を意味します。

    Hence, the literal meaning of neko manma is “cat’s meal,” but it actually refers to a frugal human’s meal that looks like food for cats and dogs.
    したがって、「ねこまんま」の文字どおりの意味は “cat meal” となりますが、実際には、イヌやネコに与える簡単な餌(残飯)のように見える人間の食事を指します。

    Neko manma can be classified into two types: rice mixed with bonito flakes and soy sauce, and rice mixed with a miso soup.

    I especially like the former neko manma, which contains bonito flakes and soy sauce.

    Incidentally, since cats cannot digest carbohydrates well, you should avoid giving cats neko manma.

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