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Ichijū Sansai (一汁三菜 – A Traditional Japanese Meal)

  • Ichijū Sansai


    Do you have a well-balanced diet?

    In Japan, ichijū sansai (一汁三菜) is often adopted as a menu for daily meals.

    Since ichi (一) means “one,” (汁) means “soup,” san (三) means “three,” and sai (菜) means “dish,” the literal meaning of ichijū sansai is “one soup and three dishes.”
    「一」は “one”、「汁」は “soup”、「三」は “three”、「菜」は “dish” を意味するので、「一汁三菜」の文字どおりの意味は “one soup and three dishes” となります。

    In most cases, ichijū means “miso soup,” and sansai consists of one main dish such as meat or fish, and two side dishes such as vegetables, mushrooms, or seaweed.

    If you add rice as a staple food to ichijū sansai, it becomes a traditional Japanese meal.

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