Tokyo Tokkyo Kyokakyoku (東京特許許可局)

  • Tokyo Tokkyo Kyokakyoku


    Today, I would like to introduce a Japanese tongue twister, Tokyo tokkyo kyokakyoku (東京特許許可局).

    Tokyo (東京) means “Tokyo” (read as toukyou), tokkyo (特許) means “patent,” and kyokakyoku (許可局) means “approval office,” the literal meaning of Tokyo tokkyo kyokakyoku is “Tokyo patent approval office.”
    「東京」は “Tokyo”、「特許」は “patent”、「許可局」は “approval office” を意味するので、「東京特許許可局」の文字どおりの意味は “Tokyo patent approval office” となります。

    Can you say this phrase quickly? (I can’t.)

    Tokyo tokkyo kyokakyoku was created just as a tongue twister, and such office does not exist.

    There is also a more difficulty version, Tokyo tokkyo kyokakyoku kyokuchō (東京特許許可局局長), adding kyokuchō (局長 – meaning “Director General”).
    最後に “Director General” を意味する「局長」をつけて、「東京特許許可局局長」とする難しいバージョンもあります。

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