Nagai Me de Miru (長い目で見る – Taking a Long View)

  • Nagai Me de Miru


    To make a decision by considering not only the present situation, but also the future is to say nagai me de miru (長い目で見る) in Japanese.

    Since nagai (長い) means “long/long-term,” me (目) means “eye/view,” and miru (見る) means “to look at,” the literal meaning of nagai me de miru is “to look at something with long-term view.”
    「長い」は “long/long-term”、「目」は “eye/view”、「見る」は “to look at” を意味するので、「長い目で見る」の文字どおりの意味は “to look at something with long-term view” となります。

    Note that me ga nagai (目が長い) does not mean that the eye width is physically long.

    In English, it can be translated as “in the long run” or “to take a long view.”
    英語では “in the long run” や “to take a long view” といったフレーズで表現することができます。

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