Ōme ni Miru (大目に見る – Overlooking)

  • Ōme ni Miru


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the idiom ‘ōmedama wo kuu‘ (大目玉を食う), which means to be scolded harshly.

    There is another idiom having a common part with this, ‘ōme ni miru‘ (大目に見る).

    Ō‘ (大) means “big,” and ‘me‘ (目) usually means “eye,” but it can also mean gaps in an object, and especially here it means “gaps of a sieve.”
    「大」は “big” を、「目」は通常 “eye” を意味しますが、物の隙間などを意味することもでき、ここでは特に「篩(ふるい)の目」を意味します。

    In addition, ‘miru‘ (見る) means “to look,” so the literal meaning of ‘ōme ni miru’ is “to look at something using a big sieve.”
    また、「見る」は “to look” を意味するので、「大目に見る」も文字どおりの意味は “to look at something using a big sieve.”

    Since such a sieve with big gaps passes through anything, ‘ōme ni miru’ means to overlook someone’s failure or shortcomings.

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