Okame Hachimoku (岡目八目 – Bystander’s Vantage)

  • Okame Hachimoku


    Generally, it is considered that third parties can judge things more correctly than the parties involved.

    The four-character idiom ‘okame hachimoku‘ (岡目八目) can express such a fact.

    Okame‘ (岡目) was originally written as 傍目 (literally “side eye”), and it means to see/watch something from the outside.

    In addition, ‘hachi‘ (八) means “eight,” and ‘moku‘ (目) means the number of steps/moves in the game of ‘go’.
    また、「八」は “eight,” 「目」は囲碁における手数を意味します。

    That is to say, the literal meaning of ‘okame hachimoku’ is that people who watch the game of ‘go’ from the side can examine eight more moves compared to the two players.

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