Me ga Nai (目がない – Having a Weakness)

  • Me ga Nai


    When you want to describe that someone is crazy fond of something, you can use the Japanese idiom me ga nai (目がない).

    Me (目) means “eye,” and nai (ない) means “do not have” or “nothing,” so the literal meaning of this idiom is “one does not have eyes.”
    「目」は “eye,” 「ない」は “do not have” や “nothing” を意味するので、「目がない」の文字通りの意味は “one does not have eyes” となります。

    If you do not have eyes, your ability to see and judge things clearly will decrease.

    That is to say, me ga nai implies that someone is too fond of something to see/judge anything rationally.

    Note that when this is used as miru me ga nai (見る目がない) by adding miru (見る – meaning “seeing”), it literally means that someone has no eyes to judge with or is blind to things.

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