Yaki ga Mawaru (焼きが回る – Becoming Dull)

  • Yaki ga Mawaru


    To become dull or to have a decline in ability is expressed as yaki ga mawaru (焼きが回る) in Japanese.

    Yaki (焼き) means “burnt” and mawaru (回る) means “to go around” or “to spread,” so the literal meaning of yaki ga mawaru is “the burnt area spreads.”
    「焼き」は “burnt”、「回る」は “to go around / to spread” を意味するので、「焼きが回る」の文字どおりの意味は “the burnt area spreads” です。

    When making a blade or edged tool, a process of burning and cooling is utilized to forge and sharpen the blade.

    However, if you overheat it, the blade will become fragile, and the edge dull.

    That is to say, the expression yaki ga mawaru compares the sharpness of a blade with human ability.

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